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Living in Belfast

Belfast city centre there are many options available through recommended private letting agents. There are plenty of accommodation options within walking or bike ride distance from the campus.

Belfast Campus

Once thought of as a destination to avoid Belfast has been transformed and is now truly a cosmopolitan city. So what is it like today? It is packed with history, culture, great food, fantastic events.

Academic Year Runs

The school operates within the university’s semester delivery model. There are 3 semesters within an academic year and all programmes in the school are delivered during semester.

About Belfast School of Art

The Belfast School of Art is a world leading Art School located in the University of Ulster campus in the heart of the city of Belfast. The school continues to make a significant contribution to the field of contemporary art and design both nationally and internationally. Our students produce innovative work in a dynamic studio-led environment, supported by the very latest technology and staff who are passionate about art and design.


BDes Hons Art & Design (Foundation)

The foundation years affords you the opportunity to fully experience and explore a range of art and design approaches and disciplines and make an informed choice for your undergraduate specialism.

BDes Hons Graphic Design and Illustration

Visual communication covers the disciplines of graphic design, typography and illustration in a vibrant studio environment. Thinking and ideas are central to producing good work. We value research, the design process and professionalism.

BA Hons Textile Art, Design & Fashion

Fashion should be interested in ideas, skills, making and problem solving.You should be enthusiastic, adaptable and determined.Our approach to textiles and fashion explores tradition and innovation in embroidery, knit, weave.

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Why is Contemporary Art Important?

Contemporary Art

Several forms of art exist in the vast space that needs learning of more than a lifetime. A program would not last any longer than a few months or years, but the knowledge you gain with time would take an eternity and will live through the legends. If you want to pursue a degree in Contemporary Art, the first thing you need is the right orientation to make a decision that changes your life for good. The role of art in society is often ignored, forcing people to push their children to follow the beaten path of lawyers and doctors. All these are careers that are competitive and far more technically packed than the artistic space that allows every aspirant to explore and experiment. Let us look at the reasons why contemporary art is important by understanding its role in society.


Nothing can beat the aesthetic value of contemporary art. A sense of pleasure and elation can be elicited by this form of art. The capacity it possesses to do that is often translated through the different works by artists across the globe. Every viewer will have an individual perspective and an affinity with the art, giving new meaning and beauty to what they behold. Venues, luxurious to minimalistic, can be designed further with the adorning quality of this artwork. Outdoor sculptures liven the city landscape, but the same may not be possible indoors as the print could differ in quality and price. It is always important to understand and distinguish between these to place the right one on the walls.



Viewing art will surely have a major impact on your mind, often letting you relax. Various mindfulness exercises can be practiced using contemporary art, helping people with wandering minds to focus more on what’s on the wall rather than on the disturbing thoughts. Certain art pieces may be more relaxing than others, depending on your taste. This style of art generally comments on the working of the world to take a step to voice our concerns in the right direction. This will also inspire a whole generation to force against societal evils when necessary.


Personal Expression

Individuals get to express themselves through contemporary art. This can be safely observable for others while it expresses a lot through every stroke on the canvas. The performance of the artist is reviewed and studied from the display to further understand the concept. Choosing the art to be displayed in your room will also express your personal interests. This will help develop bonds with your loved ones, helping you understand them through their liking for art.



Many of the works categorized under this style of art focus on bringing multiple problems into the light. It is a commentary on the current culture, making the paintings and pictures thought-provoking and subversive enough to give a new perspective to the new generation. Education and growth are also promoted through these artworks by communicating through the visuals.

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